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Latest: Pepsi's Starry Soda
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Transforming Store Windows: Jones Road Cosmetics' Grand Entrance

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Client Spotlight: Zeus McNamara

Experiential graphics are a great way to give a space some big personality. Depending upon the materials used, graphics can be used to rapidly change the feel of an environment, giving returning ...
Picture of Delilah Johnson Delilah Johnson 10 Min Read
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5 Tips for Marketers: Get the Best Work Out of Your Creative Partner

When you think of “perfect pairings”, what typically comes to mind? It might be “peanut butter & jelly” or “milk & cookies”. How about “marketing & creative”? The most well executed ...
Picture of Delilah Johnson Delilah Johnson 15 Min Read
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5 Experiential Design Trends to Watch for this Summer

With summer just around the corner, brands are busy getting ready to launch their seasonal campaigns. More and more, these campaigns include turning their brick-and-mortar locations into an ...
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The Role of Managed Print Services (MPS) Post-Pandemic

How the Pandemic Affected Office Life  The Office Copier. Its familiar hum is part of the symphony that plays in the background of every office worker’s life, along with shuffling papers and softly ...
Picture of Becky Mei Becky Mei 28 Min Read
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Client Spotlight: Pepsi Starry Soda's Splashy Experiential Graphics

In January 2023, Pepsi launched their new beverage Starry Soda. This refreshing lemon-lime soft drink was created to compete with existing products like Sprite and 7-Up. To make a splash in the ...
Picture of Delilah Johnson Delilah Johnson 25 Min Read
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Screen-Printing FAQ:  Answers for Our New Clients.

As one of the premiere screen-printing providers in the Northeast United States, we consistently find ourselves working on a wide range of exciting projects. Whether it is working with a local artist ...
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Speak Like a Pro: A Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing Vocabulary

Setting the scene: You've just thought up the next brilliant invention that will change the world. Now it’s time to start prototyping via 3D prints. The only problem? You have no idea how to design a ...
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Philadelphia Airport Amberella Experiential Art Installation

Background Street Artist, Amberella, was tasked with conceptualizing an installation for Philadelphia International Airport. Her piece, FOLLOW UR HEART, is a vibrant think piece which encourages its ...
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New Associate Announcement: Welcome our New Director, Client Engagement, Trish Galvez!

We are thrilled to announce that Trish Galvez has joined the BluEdge team! Trish is a seasoned packaging expert with over 20 years of experience producing hero comps, mockups and prototype ...
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