Case Study CGI

Kit Kat Gooey - Broadcast/Social Ad Spots



In the world of videography, capturing action sequences using liquids or food products are extremely difficult (if not, impossible) to achieve using conventional methods. It could require hundreds of takes, countless shooting sessions, weeks of editing, and let's not even mention budget. 

Such was the case when KitKat introduced a delicious new product and wanted to capture the thick, rich, "gooey-ness" of their caramel and chocolate layers. Because the sequences for both the caramel and chocolate products are relatively the same, it was a no-brainer that these sequences should be produced with CGI. Enter our very own BluEdge CGI & Animation experts, Matt Lager and Bryan Martinez.  


We received the main storyboard, many image samples, and packaging assets from our ad agency partner. We even received actual product samples... which we can't locate right now (ahem 😄). 

Packaging Assets


Placeholder Animation

Our agency partner provided a video "script" to demonstrate where our sequences would be placed. This included narration, background music, placeholder images, and graphics between scenes.


CG Modeling

The first step was to create the wireframe models for the forms that would later be set to motion and rendered.



Each model was then set into motion.


Our sequences were overlayed to the images provided as placeholders in the supplied video to determine and tailor the length and timing of each sequence, camera angles, and other various motion properties. Another important consideration was that the sequences must work in various aspect ratios, particularly 9:16 (for vertical format).



After the initial rendering and after being given all samples for color, ingredient properties, etc., our team applied the necessary color correction, motion "ramping" (for just the right timing), lighting, and detail enhancements under the direction of the agency/client. Getting the caramel color and texture right were of the utmost importance to the client.

Other enhancements included reshaping and scaling the flyaway crunchy bits, shadowing, wafer color and detail, and motion for the "gooey" ingredients.


Final Cuts

Once our sequences were fine-tuned, the agency cut them into their respective spots.


Since the products would first be released in Canada, French-variant pack art was provided and alternate sequences for French-Canadian variants were created within hours(!) of the deadline.

The Value Proposition

With the flexibility to control all aspects of physical properties and movement, along the ability to repurpose the assets for multiple products and region variants (with frame-accurate consistency), while adding to that the instant response time by the BE Media Project Management Team (providing ultra-accommodating service and quality control), this all presents a real value proposition over standard videography. To extend this value further, the existing CG assets may be repurposed again for any media platform.


The agency ultimately handled the massive deliverables list, which included a variety of aspect ratios, spot lengths, and social media platforms. The client was extremely happy with the end result. No wonder BE Media has been deemed the agency's "Favorite CG Team."