Case Study 3D Experiential Marketing Editor's Pick

Using 3D Printing to Build Out Custom Retail Window Displays for Dior

The advent of 3D printing technology has ushered in a new era of creativity and innovation in art and design. This technology enables artists and designers to materialize their visions with unprecedented intricacy and precision. A prime example of this transformative power can be seen in the collaboration between Dior and Saks Fifth Avenue for their 2023 holiday displays, where 3D printing played a pivotal role in bringing complex, custom designs to life.

Ms. Dior

Front and center of the spectacular holiday installation was “Window #18.” This window featured a stunning arrangement of 24 snow globes, each featuring a custom-crafted figurine.



23 of the snow globes held a copy of the figurine dubbed the “Ms. Dior Puppet.” These figurines came in three heights – 3 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. Our Media Team began bringing these lovely ladies to life by digitally modeling Ms. Dior. The client sent over an initial model, though work had to be done to ensure it was “print-ready.” Our in-house 3D artists expanded on the to sculpt in intricate details, including a Christian Dior handbag, as well as making sure to reinforce connecting points to ensure stability in the final print.

Once the files were approved, the printing began. The need for greater fidelity and detail drove the decision to utilize resin printing over other 3D printing techniques. Printing the models allowed for greater consistency and a much shorter production time than if the final figurines were hand-crafted:


  • We could print 10 of the smallest models per 3D printer in about 5 hours.
  • The medium models took about 10 hours to print, with 3 simultaneously printed.
  • Two larger figurines could be printed in one printer in about 13 hours.

Once printed, each model was spray painted—a special European Dior White RAL color paint was applied to the finished models, highlighting the brand's unique aesthetics and elevating the look of the resin prints to something much more high-end and worthy of the luxurious fashion house.

Lady Liberty

While most snow globes held Ms. Dior, the central snow globe held something special—a modified Lady Liberty, the perfect symbol to highlight Dior’s ties to Paris and New York City. In addition to the unique figurine, the central snow globe featured actual blowing snow, creating a wonderous winter scene.


Creating this central figurine required innovative engineering within the 3D model itself. We began with a standard 3D model of the Statue of Liberty, which our 3D artists then retrofitted to meet our client’s needs. For example, the classic tablet was removed and replaced with an iconic Christian Dior handbag. This change also meant her arm positioning had to be adjusted to work with this new accessory. In addition, our Media team also worked on sculpting in more detail for a high-fidelity print.

In addition to Lady Liberty herself, BluEdge also built her pedestal. This part of the build took careful consideration to ensure the entire snow globe worked as intended. Air channels were routed through the pedestal to facilitate airflow, preventing snow accumulation on specific parts of the model. Through trial and error and several prototypes, we perfected the design, ensuring seamless integration into the airflow and preventing unwanted snow buildup. We also engineered and modeled air diverters to push air a certain way, which were also 3D printed.

Though the final display featured only one Lady Liberty, we printed out several models. There were two different versions of the base, two different versions of the body, and two different versions of the arms. Despite being different versions, all components fit together like an action figure. This approach allowed us to mix and match parts to create up to eight unique configurations of Lady Liberty, enabling our client to customize and refine the final product.  

The printing process for the Statue of Liberty centerpiece took over 30 hours, with the model being printed in three separate parts. The final assembly was achieved using a UV-curable adhesive, ensuring structural integrity and longevity. Though we also experimented with different colors and finishes, ultimately, the client decided to have Lady Liberty finished in the same European White as the Ms. Dior Puppets.

Capturing Parisian Charm

In addition to the central window, the BluEdge team also fabricated a window around the corner. This notable display featured two ornate streetlamps inspired by the iconic lanterns of the Pont Alexandre III bridge in Paris, France. These lamp posts served as the perfect pedestal for animated miniatures depicting significant moments in the life of Mr. Dior.



Once again, the process of creating these 3D sculptures began with models. Our team received reference photos of the historical lamps from Dior as well as a 3D scan of the actual lamps. Though the scans were a nice starting point, they were not high-res enough to recreate a realistic duplication of the real lamps. Creating the lamp post models involved meticulous attention to detail, with BluEdge artists digitally sculpting back in the intricate filigree and crests based on the provided reference photos. Special consideration was given to reinforcing connection points to accommodate the weight of the miniatures that would sit atop this base. Our team also had to account for electrical going through the structure to power the miniatures. To ensure a seamless construction process, our team fabricated a metal armature, 3D scanned it, and incorporated that scan into the model of the lamp posts to ensure that it all fit together.

The lamp posts, standing over 5 feet tall, were created using resin printing technology. Due to their size, we needed to use a large format resin printer with a 6 ft by 6 ft print bed. Once printed, our fabrication team began the process of finishing the lamp posts to achieve an authentically worn look reminiscent of aged cast iron. The team meticulously applied multiple coats of paint, mimicking rust and weathered patina. The goal was to make the look like a 150-year-old cast iron lamp post.


3D Technology and Approval Workflows

The collaborative nature of the project was facilitated by real-time 3D modeling technology, allowing for efficient communication and streamlined approval processes. Design iterations were quickly reviewed and approved via live-editing sessions, ensuring the project stayed on track despite the challenges of coordinating an international team. Unlike shop drawings or flat photographs, the client could rotate, dolly, and zoom around the models, allowing for a greater understanding of how the final product would look and quicker approval times.

The collaboration between Dior and BluEdge exemplifies the transformative capabilities of 3D printing technology in creating immersive and memorable experiences for consumers. From the intricate figurines of Ms. Dior Puppets to the iconic Statue of Liberty centerpiece, 3D printing enabled the realization of bespoke designs with unparalleled fidelity and detail, capturing the essence of Dior's timeless elegance. Moreover, integrating 3D technology and live editing sessions facilitated seamless communication between artists and clients, ensuring alignment with creative vision and project timelines. As experiential retail designs continue to evolve, 3D printing stands at the forefront, offering limitless possibilities for creativity and innovation, reshaping the future of retail design one bespoke creation at a time.