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Client Spotlight: Walrus Advertising for Lowes Foods


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We worked with Walrus advertising Firm to create OOH billboards for their client, Lowes Foods.
What was the Goal?
Walrus Advertising approached us for retouching services for their client, Lowes Food. Throughout the process, the main emphasis was to maintaining the brightness and quality of the provided imagery. In addition, the BluEdge Media team was also brought on to prepare print files for billboards. 

How Did the BluEdge Media Team Approach this Project?

Walrus, an advertising agency, approached us on behalf of their client, Lowes Foods. The campaign concept revolved around creating "Swiss Army knives," but instead of traditional can openers and corkscrews, these Swiss army knives would display products offered by Lowes Food. This imagery was then used on various billboards in the southern USA.
The first part of this project was to retouch the provided imagery to make it appear more vibrant and appealing. Our retouching experts really brought these items to life by:
  • Adding a flame to the candle
  • Adding water droplets to produce
  • Editing the color saturation on the sandwich to make it appear more delicious
  • Adjusting highlights and drop shadows to make this surreal visual as realistic as possible

Because these final images would be displayed on billboards, it was paramount to ensure that they remained high-res when being prepared for print. Our team optimized the final artwork to guarantee that all billboards displayed beautiful, eye-catching graphics.


What was the Outcome?

Our final artwork was printed and displayed on billboards strategically located in the southern United States, where Lowes Foods is located. Walrus' campaign goal was to demonstrate the versatility of Lowes Foods and its wide array of offerings, which was achieved through its interesting visuals and bold text.

Takeaways from the BluEdge Media Team

While it is always important to pay attention to detail, this importance is magnified when preparing an image for a billboard. As your graphic is blown up to fit to size, so are any imperfections in your work.