Case Study CGI Experiential Marketing

SkinCeuticals Holiday 2022 Campaign


SkinCeuticals 2022 Skin Care Gift Sets - CG Motion + Video Spots for Social Broadcast

Ever wonder how those cool dinosaurs created in CGI get merged with actual, real-world cinema footage in the movie Jurassic Park? Literally, the two worlds - video footage and the CGI components (Computer Generated Imaging) - must merge together, in perfect sync, to create a photo realistic composite video that appears to have been captured through one camera lens. In this particular project (under the client direction of Beata Kanter), BluEdge was tasked with our own "Jurassic Park" for the SkinCeuticals brand.  

To better understand the complexity of all this, you'll need the back-story. Read on...

CG Product Assets 

For almost a decade, the media team at BluEdge has been producing beautiful, photo realistic product imagery for SkinCeuticals using CGI technology. Having produced the complete product library in CGI, rather than standard photography, it expands the brand's ability to repurpose the assets and allow them to be used across all media channels (including video games!). As always, we start with a wire form model (from CADs, tech drawings, or samples) and render the images with assigned properties for the various material components, such as texture, color, finish, deco, etc., as well as lighting that is conducive with the surrounding environment for final usage. All rendering is produced in a "virtual" studio, where any environment situation is possible. Our scope for this project was to provide the rendered product components to the post production facility for final editing. 


The storyboard included a basic idea of which and how product renders would be used. The scope was to compile 3 separate spots that highlight 3 different gift sets of product trios for a total of 9 products.

  • Trio A - Bright & Clear: Silymarin CF + Blemish-AGE + Phyto
  • Trio B - Fine Lines & Wrinkles: CE Ferulic + HA Intensifier + AGE Interrupter
  • Trio C - Evens Skin Tone: Discoloration Defense + Phloretin CF + Triple Lipid Restore

Concept & Video Footage 

The concept for the Holiday video started with a "doll house" which was meticulously crafted and assembled by the SkinCeuticals team, to resemble the interior of a skin clinic, and to be to captured using a robotic camera arm which pans through (left to right), zoom out, and zoom back into a gift box to end in the final frames. We were provided with raw video selects: 





Tracking, Scaling, & Positioning 

Along with the raw video files, we requested a data export from the robotic video arm. This data would provide us with time code information (for synchronizing), camera position and movement coordinates (for camera tracking), a lens profile, and focal length information (among other data). This data enables us to recreate an environment within a 3D "virtual" studio space that emulates and syncs to the video footage.

We are now able to determine product sizing and placement, and sync the coordinates of the camera movement with our products in place.

While BE was working on the products, the video production facility were tailoring and enhancing the video footage. We would be provided with updated iterations as the video editing progressed, but the camera data would always remain the same. To test tracking, scaling, and positioning, "clay" (pre-rendered) models were used as placeholders. 

Layouts, Pre-renders, & Additional Elements 

At some point, the client pointed out that these will mainly be used for social media, with an emphasis on a vertical and square formats. Since the raw video was shot in a horizontal format, the video production team began to work on cropping and applying some skillful video fixes to ensure everything translates as well from the horizontal format. Some additional elements were added (copy, messaging) and had to be shifted and repositioned to work properly in each of the formats.

Pre-renders + Music & SFX 

More enhancements such as music, special effects (lens flares), and additional components are added. 

Still Render Test

In the meantime, we created a still-render for client review (although not final). Subsequent renders included backlighting through the glass products, as well as other enhancements for greater photo realism, environment influence, and overall cohesiveness. Once rendered to video, additional tweaks for color grading may be applied in post.                       

Rendered Video Comp Pass #1 

Without all elements in place, we produced first pass renderings synchronized to video. Evidently, tracking adjustments were going to be necessary so all components are locked in place and in sync with the camera footage. 

Final Review Pass - All Components

After client review, with additional edits and modifications applied, the final renders are composited with the final video. Although the client may have applied additional comments, our part of this project was complete.

The Value Proposition 

Elevate your brand's visual appeal and versatility with BluEdge's CGI product imagery solutions. Our media team specializes in creating stunning, photo-realistic visuals that showcase your products in the best possible light. By leveraging our expertise, you can: 

  • Enhance brand consistency. With a complete CGI product library, ensure that your product visuals maintain a cohesive and professional look across all media channels, from print to digital and even video games. 

  • Increase asset flexibility. CGI imagery allows for easy manipulation and repurposing of visual assets, enabling you to adapt quickly to changing market demands and campaign requirements.

  • Save time and resources. Our streamlined process, starting with wire form models and rendering images with precise material properties and lighting, eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming traditional photo shoots. 

  • Unleash creative possibilities. Our "virtual" studio offers unlimited creative potential, allowing you to showcase your products in any desired environment or setting, without the constraints of physical locations.

    Partner with BluEdge to take your product imagery to new heights. Our successful track record with SkinCeuticals demonstrates our ability to deliver exceptional results that drive brand growth and customer engagement. 


  1. CGI technology offers unparalleled versatility. By creating a complete product library using CGI, BluEdge has enabled SkinCeuticals to repurpose their visual assets across various media channels.This highlights the adaptability and flexibility that CGI technology provides, allowing brands to maximize the use of their product imagery. 
  2. Photo-realistic visuals enhance brand appeal. BluEdge's media team has demonstrated their expertise in producing beautiful, photo-realistic product imagery using CGI. This emphasis on visual quality suggests that high-fidelity, lifelike product representations are crucial for capturing consumer attention and elevating brand perception. 
  3. Virtual production streamlines the creative process. The use of a "virtual" studio for rendering product images with precise material properties and lighting indicates that CGI technology can streamline the creative process. By eliminating the need for physical product samples and traditional photo shoots, brands can save time and resources while still achieving the desired visual outcomes. 

These takeaways underscore the potential of CGI technology to revolutionize product visualization and offer brands increased flexibility, enhanced visual appeal, and a more efficient creative process.