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A Conversation with John Gagliardi, Director of Experiential Creations at BluEdge

Insights into the Magic of BluEdge's Fabrication Services

I recently had the opportunity to chat with John Gagliardi, our Director of Experiential Creations at BluEdge. John and his team have been doing phenomenal work, transforming projects into immersive experiences for our clients. Here’s an informative and professional glimpse into our discussion.

Background and Team Dynamics

Desireé Olivera: Can you share some background about yourself and your team?

John Gagliardi: Sure! Our team has a mix of digital fabrication, large format printing, and immersive environment experience. Over the past 15 years, we've blended these skills to stay ahead of market trends. We focus on creating tangible builds combined with interactive digital experiences, which not only catch attention but also provide measurable analytics. This helps our clients understand how people interact with their spaces, making the experiences more engaging and effective.

Client Interaction and Guidance

Desireé: At what point do you get involved with the client, and how do you guide them?

John: I get involved right from the start, even before it’s officially a project. I support sales, gather design intent, timelines, and other details, then pull in the appropriate teams based on what’s needed. My role shifts from initial design intent to value engineering, ensuring that the right people are involved at every stage.

Desireé: Do clients always have a design ready, or do you offer suggestions?

John: We often provide recommendations based on our experience. We want clients to use us as an extension of their internal team. We always approach projects with best practices in mind, whether it’s proposing budget-friendly solutions, developing proprietary hardware, or tweaking designs for better engagement. We collaborate closely with clients to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The Process: From Concept to Completion

Desireé: John, you and your team have accomplished so much here at BluEdge. What would you like our clients to know about your fabrication services?

John: Thanks, Desireé. What I really want our clients to know is the detailed process we use for every project, regardless of its size. Our technical design team is at the heart of this process. We start with the design intent phase, move through R&D, submittals, and then into shop drawings. These shop drawings are incredibly detailed, outlining specs, materials, assembly, and shipping details. Once approved, these drawings become our production files, combining two critical stages into one efficient process. This not only shows our commitment to precision but also speeds up factory reviews and installations.

Desireé: Can you elaborate on what a technical designer does?

John: Absolutely. Our technical designers use programs like SolidWorks and Rhino to create virtual 3D models of our fixtures or displays. They consider every detail, from materials to hardware, ensuring that everything works perfectly when it's built. This virtual modeling helps us catch any potential issues early, ensuring smooth production.

Seamless Collaboration and Integration

Desireé: How does the BluEdge Media Team fit into this process?

John: Our media team is fantastic. Their skills overlap with the 3D printing environment, helping with R&D and 3D renderings. They excel in live edit sessions with clients, allowing real-time tweaks and adjustments. This collaborative approach speeds up the approval process significantly.

Desireé: From your perspective, what sets BluEdge apart from other companies in this space?

John: Having everything under one roof is a huge advantage. From 3D printing and large format printing to screen printing, fabrication, and painting—we do it all in-house. This setup allows us to collaborate in real-time and bring in the right team members based on the project’s needs. Another key differentiator is our factory reviews. For every project, regardless of size, we perform a mock install at our location. This allows us to tweak and perfect everything before it goes out, catching any issues early and ensuring a smoother installation process on-site.

Trending in the Industry

Desireé: Are there any emerging trends you’re seeing?

John: Yes, we’re seeing a lot of iridescent and pearlescent finishes, clear resin casting, and custom perforations in materials like laminates and metals. These trends are exciting because they push the boundaries of what we can create. Our in-house capabilities allow us to execute these ideas effectively, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.

Thank you again to John Gagliardi for sharing his insights! If you have an experiential project in mind, we’d love a chance to be your partner.