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CG Model-to-Manufacturing Workflow for Scholastic

In the dynamic world of digital innovation, the convergence of technology and creativity has paved the way for groundbreaking solutions in various industries. One such project is the collaboration between BluEdge and Scholastic, where the goal was to execute a CG model-to-manufacturing workflow. This transformative process not only streamlined production, but proved to be a cost-effective and efficient solution for Scholastic's needs.





The Goal

Scholastic tasked BluEdge with developing a CG model-to-manufacturing workflow for instructional and demonstration purposes. The objective was clear – to create a seamless process that eliminates conventional prototyping and photo sessions, thereby saving valuable time, resources, and costs. The specific product in focus was a simple yet elegant illuminated display box, potentially suitable for jewelry and other small items.

Understanding CG Model-to-Manufacturing

A CG model-to-manufacturing workflow translates computer-generated (CG) models, often created through computer-aided design (CAD) or similar software, into manufacturing-ready files and assets. This involves preparing digital models for efficient and accurate manufacturing, considering factors such as measurements, materials, and other specifications.

Approach to the Project

BluEdge began the project armed with rough technical drawings provided by Scholastic, outlining measurements and material specifications. The team meticulously created digital forms for each component, incorporating detailed material properties, color variations, and environmental settings within a virtual photo studio. This meticulous process resulted in photorealistic images of the display box.

To showcase the full potential of the assets created, BluEdge went a step further and produced a short motion animation. This animation demonstrated the assembly and functionality of the display box, providing Scholastic with a comprehensive view of the final product in action.


The Outcome

The outcome surpassed expectations, with the client expressing a need for STEP files for manufacturing purposes. While BluEdge was able to provide the requested STEP files, they also offered export files in alternative formats. Responding to the client's curiosity, the team even 3D-printed a basic prototype, bringing the product to life in the physical world.


BluEdge emphasized to the client that while the export files might not be directly usable by the manufacturer due to unknown technical details (such as material tolerances), they serve as an excellent starting point. Manufacturers can modify these files to suit their specific requirements. For Scholastic, this flexibility was well-received, aligning perfectly with their goals.

This project exemplifies how digital imaging can revolutionize the product development process, from conception to the end result, encompassing marketing assets seamlessly. The Scholastic team's enthusiasm reflects the success of this collaboration, showcasing the potential of CG model-to-manufacturing workflows in transforming traditional approaches to product development.


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