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Latest: Buzzing with Excitement: The VW ID
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Crafting an Iconic Video Logo: Behind the Scenes of York Films' NYC-Inspired Animation

In the bustling heart of New York City, where dreams are brought to life on the silver screen, a collaboration between two creative studios was born. York Films teamed up with BluEdge Media, a ...
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5 Tips for Marketers: Get the Best Work Out of Your Creative Partner

When you think of “perfect pairings”, what typically comes to mind? It might be “peanut butter & jelly” or “milk & cookies”. How about “marketing & creative”? The most well executed ...
Picture of Delilah Johnson Delilah Johnson 15 Min Read
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Ours to Make: 500 Assets in 5 weeks for Instagram.

CLIENT: Johannes Leonardo for Instagram | “Yours to make” Campaign What Was The Goal? BluEdge was tasked with designing, formatting, creating specs for, and delivering over 500 assets. The “Yours to ...
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Client Spotlight: Getting Animated for HBO

Project Overview: Creating Animated Posters and Visuals for HBO
Picture of Delilah Johnson Delilah Johnson 11 Min Read
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Know Your Media Services Vocabulary: Full Glossary

Have a retouching or video project but don't know where to start? First thing is to find a trusted media partner. The right partner will work with you to understand your needs, regardless of your ...
Picture of Delilah Johnson Delilah Johnson 18 Min Read
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