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6 Reasons You'll Love Working with BluEdge Media

The BluEdge Media team thrives on collaboration – and we mean true collaboration. We don't know everything, and neither do our clients, but TOGETHER, we can move mountains. From the first discovery meeting, to the final press check, all the way through to launch, BluEdge Media is hands-on and accountable. 

If you're an agency that needs to call in some extra creative muscle or if you're a brand with limited bandwidth, BluEdge Media has the team to get the job done efficiently. Add the high-quality results from the BluEdge Media team, and it's no wonder why most of our clients are long-term. 

Here are a few more reasons why we know you'll love working with BluEdge Media: 

1. We Work As A Team

We work as a team

We believe that working with a collaborative approach will always yield the best results. Think of BluEdge Media as your extended team. Our transparent approach makes us easy to work with. It's not just lip service. We make sure that one representative from each department is present from the beginning of our process to ensure that any complex concerns are addressed right away. 


2. We Hold Ourselves To A Higher Standard

We go above and beyond what most creative studios can do: from our team's eye for detailed precision to our ability to expertly and efficiently navigate a complicated process. Our team has (not to age ourselves) a century of collective experience in our areas of expertise. Our range spans traditional, classic processes (film, print) to the most cutting-edge technology of VFX, CGI, and Animation. We are dedicated to making jaw-dropping, show-stopping visuals that move us, too! 

3. We're Focused

We are focused

We don't lose sight of a project's objective. We know that sometimes a client might not know exactly what is needed, or might be making a foray into a new area. Our team of experts can help to guide the project, avoiding issues and keeping things on track for the best outcome. 

4. We're Consistent

Working with BluEdge Media, you'll have one producer who remains the main point of contact. This producer shepherds your project through from start to end, keeping your best interests front and center. Your producer knows and understands the scope, objectives, timing, nuances—everything about your project. As a result, you don't have to explain basic elements or requirements to a new producer or to an artist mid-way through the project. 

5. We Like To Be Direct

We like to be direct

Call it our New York charm. Communication with BluEdge Media is always direct. You can pick up the phone and call us, or drop us an email. We won't make you fill out forms, jump through hoops, or play guessing games. 

6. We've Developed A Trusted Process

We kick things off with a discovery call that includes key cross-functional and specialized leadership. Based on your specific goals and needs, we'll assemble the best team tailored to fit the project. Working together and keeping an open dialogue throughout the process points our team to the best strategy for your budget, timeline, and requirements. 


Retouching for Tom Ford

Retouching for Tom Ford

CGI for Brooks

CGI for Brooks 

CGI for Patron

CGI for Patron

Alfa Romeo Retouching

Retouching for Alfa Romeo 

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