Case Study VFX Branding

Client Spotlight: Getting Animated for HBO

Project Overview: Creating Animated Posters and Visuals for HBO

How Did BluEdge Approach This Project?

The BluEdge team aimed to create eye-catching promotional videos for four HBO original shows promoting their respective premiere events.


We created an animated poster to promote the premiere of HBO original show Westworld. We created a 3D model of the iconic ring and figure from the opening credits. We then 3D projection-mapped the 2D image of the figure onto our model, and rigged the whole thing:

  • We animated the the figure to make it appear as if it was breathing
  • The ring was animated to act as a spinning mechanism
  • We animated the background elements such as swaying grass to create a more realistic environment



For this project, we crafted an animated poster. This poster was displayed during the movie's premiere showing on a kiosk outside of the movie theater. This project began with the extracting elements from the original 2D poster provided by HBO. Our team used Adobe Premiere to animate these elements including:

  • Camera movement
  • Ocean waves
  • Neon lighting
  • Text effects

For VICE, we created an animated poster from the show's key art. A character was modeled, rigged, and posed to run and land in a standstill position. The background and foreground elements were all created and animated from scratch to match the key poster frame. This included the ground elements, explosions, dust debris, and atmosphere.



Game of Thrones

This short piece was created for a late-season HBO internal event. At the time, no art or visuals had been released, so much of the artwork was created from scratch. Our goal was to deliver a piece that conveyed the drama and high-stakes of the series' story without giving away any spoilers.



What Was The Outcome?


HBO was pleased with each of these projects. These posters all created intrigue for their respective and stayed true to the vibe of each show and movie.

Takeaways From The BluEdge Team

What the BluEdge team took away from this project was that with a little ingenuity, any 2D medium can come to life in a 3D VFX medium.



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