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Back Market's iPhone Campaign: Transforming Hype into Lasting Success

In the fast-paced marketing and advertising world, seizing the right moment can be the key to success. This is especially true in the tech industry, where product launches generate massive excitement. Back Market, a global marketplace for refurbished devices, recognized this opportunity and partnered with Gus, a creative agency, to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the latest iPhone release. What followed was a remarkable campaign that showcased the power of creative thinking and impeccable visual execution with assistance from BluEdge.

The Client: Gus and Back Market

Before we delve into the campaign's details, let's introduce the key players. Gus, a creative agency specializing in brand development, creative development, production, and consulting, was tasked with bringing Back Market's vision to life. Back Market, known for its strict vetting process, ensures only the best refurbishers can sell their products on their platform. Their mission is to make refurbished devices more accessible and sustainable—a noble goal that requires an equally compelling marketing strategy.


The Challenge: Crafting a Global Campaign

Back Market's campaign was not a run-of-the-mill marketing initiative. It was a multi-market endeavor with digital assets displayed in the United States, Spain, and The U.K. There was also the French market which required still imagery, adding complexity to the project. Moreover, the campaign had to align perfectly with Apple's iPhone announcement on September 12th, making timing a critical factor.

The primary challenge lay in customizing the campaign for each market's unique characteristics and preferences. For instance, English-speaking markets featured the word "Service" in their phone imagery, while others did not. The still imagery had to be converted from RGB to a FOGrA CMYK profile, a departure from the standard CMYK profile used in the United States.

The Campaign Strategy: Timing and Visual Excellence

The campaign comprised two distinct phases. The first half drew inspiration from Apple's sleek and minimalist style, deliberately obscuring the featured phone's identity. This phase aimed to evoke the aesthetics of an iPhone ad, setting the stage for a surprising twist.

The second half was launched on the same day Apple unveiled its latest iPhone model. It featured vibrant graphics that highlighted the advantages of Back Market's refurbished phones over the iPhone. This impeccably timed phase capitalized on the excitement and buzz generated by the iPhone release.

The campaign spanned four diverse markets. 54 unique layouts were created, making this a monumental project that demanded meticulous attention to detail. In the words of BluEdge Project Manager Jackie Marco, “Nothing can happen fast enough when you literally have hours to do something.”


Visual Brilliance Amid Challenges

BluEdge played a pivotal role in transforming this ambitious campaign into a visual triumph. Challenges abounded, from tight timelines to the need for adapting backgrounds and text to different layouts. A significant accomplishment was handling video assets, finalized just 48 hours before the campaign's release. The BluEdge team worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was in place, from extending backgrounds to adjusting timing and frame rates.

Success Amidst Challenges

From the client's viewpoint, timing was of the essence. The entire campaign hinged on aligning with the iPhone announcement, leaving no margin for error. Yet, thanks to BluEdge's unwavering dedication and visual expertise, the project met its deadline and surpassed all expectations.

In the client's own words:


"I was merely a spectator but still just wanted to say a big BRAVO to all of you! It really was quite the marathon at a full sprint!”

"Thank you guys SO much for what has been an insane ride! Everything looks so good and MATT [our talented CGI Manager], you worked wonders with an asset that was never quite what we needed."


Back Market's iPhone release campaign stands as a testament to the influence of creative ingenuity, strategic timing, and flawless visual execution. It exemplifies how marketing can transform momentary hype into enduring success while championing sustainability and affordability in the tech industry.

In a continually evolving digital marketing landscape, campaigns like this remind us that opportunities can be seized with the right creative team and a touch of visual brilliance, even when facing tight deadlines and intricate challenges. BluEdge's contribution to this campaign underscores the critical role of visual excellence in making such triumphs possible.

Feel Free to check out the story on Gus’ site as well!


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