Case Study Branding Comp & Mockup

Crafting Compassion: Barilla Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle Kit


In a harmonious blend of culinary delight and social responsibility, BluEdge collaborated with Barilla America back in October 2023 to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Barilla, a multinational Italian food powerhouse and a leader in the global pasta market, extends beyond it's culinary reputation and into the realm of social responsibility, seeking to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month internally with a heartfelt initiative. Our Packaging Realization Team’s creative expertise met Barilla’s compassionate vision, producing the Breast Cancer Awareness Employee Raffle Kit.

This campaign was not just about a kit filled with pink-themed, pasta-related premiums, but also as an opportunity to foster company engagement and unity while serving as a beacon of awareness and hope among its employees.


Scope of Work

The scope encompassed designing a standout kit that included a heart-shaped pasta box and related premiums, along with the raffle kit outer box, and 2 posters, all adorned with breast cancer awareness messages. The deliverables included: 

  • Redesigned blue pasta box with heart-shaped window, showcasing Barilla's new heart-shaped pasta
  • An employee raffle kit design, including the outer box with suggestions for premiums
  • Two distinct 24”x36” posters to be displayed at Barilla’s corporate office, featuring calls to action for donations and raffle participation by its employees
  • Production assembly and delivery of 5 complete raffle kits, each containing the redesigned heart-shaped pasta blue box, jar of Barilla pesto, and selected premiums


Design Process

"Think Pink" Heart-Shaped Pasta Blue Box 

The heart-shaped pasta blue box was envisioned as the focal point for the opening experience. As part of our methodology, we presented several digital designs of the kit, eventually merging the client’s favorite elements into the selected "Think Pink" design with the tagline, "Give HOPE, Have HOPE, Be HOPE".


Final Pasta Box Design


Premium Recommendations

As for the additional items that would be included in the raffle kit, we carefully selected options for premiums that would complement the pasta box and enhance the unboxing experience. The items included a rose gold metal colander, spaghetti ladle, heart-shaped plates, and measuring cups, all curated to resonate with the theme and offer a cohesive presentation.


"Double Door Hearts" Outer Box

The outer box design, which housed the pasta box and premiums, began with five design concepts. The  "Double Door Hearts" was the client pick and was further refined, integrating breast cancer ribbons and hearts into its visual narrative.


Final Outer Box Design


"Think Pink" Posters

Two "Think Pink" posters were crafted with distinct graphics and messaging—one emphasizing breast cancer awareness with informative content, and the other focusing on the raffle event. Both included QR codes for employee engagement and raffle entry.


Production Process

Once the designs were approved, our Comp and Realization Production team produced the various elements, from the pasta box to the outer box, crafted and assembled with precision. The kits were developed to provide a grand opening experience, focusing on Barilla's new heart-shaped pasta in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. 



Encountering challenges are a given with any project, and developing the BCA Employee Raffle Kit came with a few of its own. We needed to align with Barilla's vision within budget and temporal confines, ensuring impactful yet cost-effective results. The design process was intricate, as the goal was to create a "wow" unboxing experience that would both captivate Barilla's employees while also supporting the Beast Cancer Awareness cause and the narrative of education and hope. This meant that every design decision had to be intentional, purposeful, and required continued collaboration between our Comp and Realization team and our client.

Navigating various hurdles demanded a grasp of the project's principles and a dedication to meeting the client's requirements. The success of our resolution for these challenges showcases our ability to deliver inventive solutions under specific limitations, while preserving the authenticity of the client's emotionally charged campaign for its employees. 

Final Thoughts

The partnership between BluEdge and Barilla encapsulates the fusion of creativity and compassion. This initiative demonstrates the transformative power of purposeful design and how intentional messaging can inspire and bring people together for a cause. The BCA Employee Raffle Kit serves as a testament to BluEdge's commitment to excellence and Barilla's dedication to social responsibility, leaving a lasting impression of hope in the ongoing battle against breast cancer.