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Braid Mill: Bridging Tradition and Innovation in a Workspace Sanctuary

Hatched Real Estate's vision for Braid Mill goes beyond the ordinary workspace, creating a visionary sanctuary for creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It's not just about providing physical space; it's about fostering a close-knit community where mutual growth and empowerment take center stage, allowing every member to thrive and elevate their art, product, or service. Cohere, a boutique creative agency, developed a unique brand identity for the space. Amongst other services provided, Cohere designed a bespoke wayfinding system for Braid Mill, which BluEdge was tasked with bringing to life.

Crafting the Vision

BluEdge embarked on a mission to bring this vision to life through meticulously designed and bespoke signage. Outdoors, a symphony of aluminum-fabricated box signs with LED lighting, a 3-sided LED-lit awning, a blade sign illuminated with LEDs, and welcoming fabric awnings were strategically installed to guide and greet visitors.

Inside, a tribute to the textile mill's rich history unfolded. The seamless blend of wood, metal, and cloth elements echoed the past, creating a distinctive atmosphere. Custom-made wooden dowels adorned with printed fabric and unique 3-sided wooden blocks became room identifiers. Neon-inspired light boxes, bordered with raw wood, and innovative conference room acrylic boxes with LED indicators synchronized with room switches showcased availability. Directional wooden signs facilitated seamless navigation.

All these elements were produced at our 60,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility in New Jersey using a plethora of materials - from wood, aluminum, LED lights, and vinyl to screen prints. The equipment employed included those for direct printing, routing, laser cutting, and paint booths. The installation process, despite its complexity, spanned only two days.

Final Thoughts

While challenges are inherent in every project, the Braid Mill project was a mostly seamless journey. The harmonious collaboration between the owner, designers, and the BluEdge team ensured challenges were met with innovative solutions. Achieving a vintage neon lighting look using modern LED technologies and seamlessly working with diverse materials like metals and wood were among the triumphs.

The Braid Mill project stands tall as a testament to the magic of thoughtfully crafted wayfinding.



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