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Creating a Game-Changing Experience: Metlife Stadium NY Giants x Cadillac Suite

In the realm of professional sports, delivering unforgettable moments for fans stands as a top priority. Recently, in collaboration with the New York Giants football team, we transformed their Cadillac-sponsored luxury suite for the 2023 NFL season. The catch? We had to overhaul the entire space within a strict four-week timeline, devoid of any hardware.

The Challenge

From the New York Giants’ perspective, this project aimed to create a space to engage top-tier social influencers who would then share their experience in the Cadillac suite with their massive audiences. The vision was to convert the suite into a lavish Manhattan nightclub. On the surface, this seemed like a straightforward project for our Experiential team. However, the uniqueness of the New York Giants' sharing of MetLife Stadium with the New York Jets during the football season posed a significant challenge. Because the stadium is constantly rebranding for each teams' home games, BluEdge had to develop a solution for outfitting the suite in a way that allowed for an easy install and dismantle process without using screws, fixtures, or glue on the stadium’s walls.

The Work

The Cadillac suite transformation involved several key elements:

  • A large logo turf wall
  • A custom graffiti piece
  • A custom cap display
  • An acrylic wall for influencers to leave their Polaroids and signatures

A distinctive challenge was presented: creating a "permanent" structure that was, in fact, temporary, without altering the existing walls within the suite.

"When we heard about the no-hardware constraint, it felt like we hit a roadblock. All our prior work seemed in jeopardy," shared Greg Grasso, Graphic Development. "But our exceptional fabrication team devised an innovative solution that pleased everyone."

The linchpin for success lay in compression fittings and lightweight materials. Leveraging these, our fabrication team crafted robust yet lightweight walls that seamlessly fit into the Cadillac Suite on New York Giants game days. These walls served as the base for the experiential displays without causing any harm to the suite. The entire space could be assembled in a swift 2.5-hour window. BluEdge also built a custom cart that the suite could safely be transported and stored in when not in use.





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