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Transforming Pediatric Associates of Norwood & Franklin

Up in New England, Pediatric Associates of Norwood & Franklin has been a cornerstone of child healthcare since 1974. Recently, the practice embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its space, aligning it more closely with the needs and comfort of its young patients and their families. Collaborating with Phase Zero Design, an innovative architectural and interior design firm, the project aimed to enhance functionality and infuse the environment with joy and relaxation.

Video Courtesy of Phase Zero Design


The undertaking commenced with a meticulous analysis of the existing space. A blank canvas awaited the designers—a shell space brimming with potential. Understanding the intricacies of pediatric care and the nuances of children's psychology was paramount. Engaging in dialogue with the medical staff revealed invaluable insights into the daily challenges they faced. Armed with this knowledge, Phase Zero Design set out to craft an environment that seamlessly merges practicality with playfulness.

Tyler Grazio, Branding Design Manager at Phase Zero Design, spearheaded the creative process. "When designing a pediatric space, we are always thinking about kids first and what will put them at ease," Grazio explains. Drawing inspiration from tangram puzzles, the team envisioned a vibrant tapestry of geometric shapes adorning the walls—bold and colorful animal imagery that would captivate young minds.

Photos Courtesy of Phase Zero Design

But the design didn't stop at aesthetics. Understanding that waiting rooms can be daunting for children, the team introduced interactive game boxes. These wall-mounted wonders were strategically positioned to distract and engage, turning apprehension into excitement. Not only were they fun, but they were also practical—crafted from easy-to-clean materials and ingeniously designed to remain intact on the wall, eliminating any concerns of missing pieces or clutter.

November saw the project in full swing. Layouts were finalized, and themes came to life under Grazio's expert guidance. What emerged was not just a pediatric clinic but a haven—a space where healthcare seamlessly intertwines with happiness.


Photo Courtesy of Phase Zero Design

The transformation of Pediatric Associates of Norwood & Franklin is a testament to the power of thoughtful design. It transcends mere aesthetics, becoming a catalyst for healing and comfort. As children walk through its doors, they're greeted not only by the promise of medical care but also by a world of imagination and wonder—a space where every corner tells a story, and every wall is a canvas for joy.


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