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A Spectacle Unveiled: Dior and Saks Fifth Avenue's 'Carousel of Dreams' Holiday Display


As the festive season approaches, Saks Fifth Avenue has once again transformed its iconic Fifth Avenue store into a mesmerizing spectacle, partnering with none other than the renowned French luxury fashion house, Dior. The 2023 holiday windows are adorned with the 'Carousel of Dreams,' a breathtaking tribute to Dior's 70-year relationship with the department store. This spectacle includes a captivating light show display with what's described as a "Wheel of Fortune" installation spanning 10 stories, and 24 distinctive window displays combining miniature renditions of famous landmarks from New York City and Paris, intricately interwoven with Christian Dior's signature style. The showcase brought guests, including Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel Zegler, Lola Tung, Nina Dobrev, and Tracee Ellis Ross to celebrate the window unveiling. We at BluEdge are thrilled to have contributed in bringing this enchanting holiday display to life. 

The Collaborative Journey Begins

In June 2023, Dior's team made their initial visit to our expansive 60,000 sq. ft. production facility in Carlstadt, New Jersey. This lead to our bid for the first prototype. Following this, on July 18th, they returned for the live project, marking a step forward in our collaboration. As the holiday season approached, the urgency to deliver on time intensified. Our expertise in fabrication, woodworking, custom paint and finishing, 3D printing, modeling, and digital media creation was pivotal in securing Dior's confidence. Consequently, BluEdge was entrusted with crafting the magic behind 3 of the windows, including a prominent feature in the "Center 6" windows.

Window #9 – Paris Street Light

Dior Lamp


This window transported onlookers to the charming streets of Paris, featuring ornate street lamps inspired by the lanterns on the Pont Alexandre III bridge. Crafted in collaboration with Milan-based Joann Tan Studio, the lamp posts became more than mere structures—they housed animated miniatures depicting pivotal moments in the life of "Mr. Dior." Our Media team played a crucial role in designing and 3D modeling the lamp posts. By holding live-editing sessions with the client, our team was able to foster a seamless workflow that worked fabulously for the international team.

Read more about the making of Window 9.

Window #18 – Snow Globes Dior Star

Dior_s Carousel of Dreams at Saks_Full Frame_9

Taking center stage at Saks Fifth Avenue stood a captivating star formation of snow globes featuring meticulously crafted "Ms. Dior Puppets." These figures each stood within their very own winter wonderland complete with a unique animated video backdrop. The central globe was special - 4x as large as the smallest globe, this focal point featured the Statue of Liberty holding a Dior handbag, standing regally amidst the swirling snow.

All of the figures were brought to life through resin 3D printing techniques. The elongated dome shape of the globes facilitated installation, while a custom LED screen and a precisely engineered snowfall added an extra layer of magic.

Window #31 – Rainbow of Perfume


Drawing direct inspiration from Window #18, Window #31 showcased a fragrant twist on the design with Dior Perfume-themed globes replacing the Ms. Dior puppets. Our Packaging and Realization team crafted a large-scale Dior Perfume model as the centerpiece, surrounded by intricately designed custom shelves featuring integrated LED lighting, creating a captivating, angelic glow. 

The Installation Process

The installation process commenced on October 27th, demanding meticulous coordination with Dior's extensive network of vendors to maintain a harmonious presentation across all windows. Over the course of several days, we ensured that each component was flawlessly positioned and fully functional. This endeavor presented us with distinct challenges, such as collaborating with a company responsible for removing glass panes from Saks' windows and devising an unconventional means of entry for our sizable installations, particularly for windows #18 and #31.

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Final Thoughts

The 'Carousel of Dreams' represents the collaborative efforts of BluEdge, uniting talents from around the world to create a meaningful and engaging holiday experience. Doug Magid, President of BluEdge, expressed pride in the team's achievements, marking a significant step forward for the company as an experiential marketing and production provider:

“This project signifies a unique moment where our various teams – 3D, Fabrication, Media, Packaging & Realization, and Graphics – collaborated seamlessly, creating something greater than the sum of its parts and showcasing the strength of our collective efforts.”

John Gagliardi, Director of Experiential Creations, highlighted the honor and privilege of contributing to such an impactful project, emphasizing the unity of BluEdge's diverse divisions:

“It's a true testament to the strength of our organization. Every division is actively contributing to this project, which holds the promise of reaching a vast audience.”