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Illuminating the Streets of Paris – The Story Behind Dior's Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Display


Saks Fifth Avenue and Dior  have collaborated for the 2023 holiday season to weave a magical tale along the facade of the iconic Fifth Avenue store. The 'Carousel of Dreams’ takes spectators on a journey through the past 70 years of Dior's relationship with the esteemed department store. The display included 24 themed windows, each depicting a romanticized moment during the life of Mr. Dior. Window #9, which we were honored to work on, stood out as a captivating showcase of Parisian charm and an homage to the brand's beginnings.



Getting Started  

In June 2023, the Dior team visited our new 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Carlstadt, New Jersey. The pressure to get this project underway was palpable with the holiday season looming. However, BluEdge's  capabilities in fabrication, woodworking, custom paint and finishing, 3D printing, modeling, and media services earned the trust of the Dior team. Amongst other things, the Dior team tasked us with fabricating two Parisian streetlamps that would act as the pedestals for six meticulously crafted miniature scenes.


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Fabricating Window #9 – Paris Street Light  


This particular window showcased two streetlamps inspired by the ornate lanterns lining the Pont Alexandre III bridge in Paris, France. However, these lamps were more than mere bulbs—they supported animated miniatures crafted by artisans from Milan-based Joann Tan Studio. These artisans traveled to our New Jersey facility to ensure that their intricately designed miniatures seamlessly fit into our lamp posts and that the accompanying electronics and wiring functioned as intended. Essentially, these lamp posts became the anchors for miniature worlds highlighting important moments in the life of Mr. Dior.

 Dior_s Carousel of Dreams at Saks_Full Frame_2


  • Lamp post inspiration
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  • PXL_20231016_180115371.PORTRAIT

Our Media team played a crucial role in this creative process, designing and 3D modeling the lamp posts based on classic French designs. Live editing sessions were a key aspect of our collaboration with the client. Because we worked with an international team, spread across the United States, France, and Italy, working over the phone with the client facilitated quicker approvals than the conventional method of sending versions back and forth. This was crucial in keeping this time-sensitive project on track.

The lamp posts themselves were a marvel of 3D printing, a significant undertaking given their size, requiring a 3D printer with a substantial 6' x 6' bed. To meet the client's desire for an authentically worn look, BluEdge meticulously applied multiple coats of paint in varying colors and finishes, achieving the desired worn aesthetic reminiscent of Parisian streetlamps that have weathered the passage of time.

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Window #9, with its Parisian street lamps and animated miniatures, stands as a testament to the intricate craftsmanship and collaborative spirit behind the Dior Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Window Display. As part of the larger 'Carousel of Dreams' experience, this window invites viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Mr. Dior's life and the enduring elegance of Paris.

Visit Saks Fifth Avenue from November 20, 2023, to January 5, 2024, to witness this enchanting holiday display and experience the magic of Dior's tribute to timeless style and festive cheer.


The ‘Carousel of Dreams’ experience will run from November 20, 2023 to January 5, 2024. If you find yourself in New York City during this time, experience this spectacular holiday spirit display. 


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