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Screen-Printing FAQ:  Answers for Our New Clients.

As one of the premiere screen-printing providers in the Northeast United States, we consistently find ourselves working on a wide range of exciting projects. Whether it is working with a local artist to create a custom piece, producing vibrant book covers for an independent publisher, or partnering with some of the largest fashion brands to help them rollout nationwide retail display programs, our screen-printing team puts their expertise to work to create something beautiful for all our clients.

As a provider of such a niche printing service, we wanted to share some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from new clients:


Color Expert screen printing with blue ink

Question: What kind of materials/substrates do you print on?

Answer:  Our screen-printing services are incredibly versatile and can be used to print on just about any material or substrate. We specialize in printing on unique and challenging surfaces; such as tag paper, static cling, vinyl, glass, metal, rubber, etc. Our team of experts selects the appropriate ink and printing technique based on factors such as substrate, use, and environmental conditions.


 What kind of ink do you use? 

Answer: We use a variety of inks including UV ink, conventional ink, epoxy-enamel, and acrylic. Our experts will select the right ink for your project based on several factors such as substrate, use, and the environment the final product will be living in.

For example, UV ink is ideal for outdoor signage because of its resistance to fading and weathering. On the other hand, conventional ink is a versatile option that works well for most applications. We also use epoxy-enamel ink for printing on metal substrates, and acrylic ink for printing on plastic and other non-porous surfaces.

Question: What color-matching technique do you use? 

Answer: We use a variety of color matching techniques including using the Pantone Matching System, Sherwin Williams swatches, and Benjamin Moore swatches. The technique we use can change per project and is driven by the client.

In addition to using systems and programs, our color experts are also skilled in the use of drawdowns, which involves applying a small amount of ink to the final substrate and adjusting the color by eye until it matches the desired shade.

Question: What is the minimum quantity that I can order? 

Answer: Our screen-printing service allows clients to order as few as one piece, although this option may not be the most cost-effective for one-off projects due to the nature of screen-printing's longer set-up process. 

Screen-printing is more efficient for larger quantities, and it becomes more expensive per unit for smaller quantities. However, we can work with clients to find a cost-effective solution that meets their needs.

Question: What is the minimum print area? What about the maximum print area?

Answer: We can print an item as small as 1.0” x 1.0”. As for the Maximum, we can print a continuous area of up to 60.0” x 125.0”.  This also applies to the minimum and Maximum Artwork size.  

Question: Can we supply our own print material? 

Answer: Yes! We understand that clients may have their own unique substrates they wish to have printed on, and we are happy to work with them to make sure their needs are met.

Question: What artwork filetypes do you accept? 

Answer: In order to program the machinery that creates your custom screen, we require vector artwork (.eps, or .ai).

Question: What is your standard project turnaround time? 

Answer: The short answer is that there is no standard project turnaround time. This is because there is no such thing as a “standard project” as everything we work on is fully custom and varies greatly for each project.

Your project turn around time will vary depending on the unique specifications including:

  • Quantity of prints
  • Number of colors
  • Level of detail in the artwork
  • If your project needs to go through other departments
  • Finishings

Of course, we are flexible and work with our clients to meet their deadlines. When you inquire about a screen-printing project, our estimators will put together a package including pricing and schedules.


Have suggestions on other Q&As we should include or want to inquire about a specific project? Please feel free to reach out to us! One of our experts will get back to you shortly.



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