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Shades of Innovation: Maurice Walcott on the Impact of G7+ Certification at BluEdge

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Maurice Walcott on the Impact of G7+ Certification at BluEdge


We’re excited to share a landmark achievement from BluEdge, where Maurice Walcott, Manager of Creative Visual Services, has become one of the first people globally to be certified in the new G7+ standard by the Printing United Alliance. This certification marks a significant advancement in the printing industry and highlights Maurice’s expertise and commitment to excellence. It's a testament to BluEdge’s dedication to embracing cutting-edge technologies and leading trends within the Experiential Graphics and Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) industries. Maurice’s role in this achievement underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in print quality and innovation.

We recently sat down with Maurice to discuss this great accomplishment. Here is what he had to say:



Interview with Maurice Walcott

Desireé Olivera: Maurice, congratulations on the G7+ certification! Could you explain a bit about what the G7 certification involves and why it’s such a big deal?

Maurice Walcott: Thanks a lot! At its core, G7 is all about making sure we hit the right gray balance in our prints. Essentially, G7 is a grayscale definition used in printing. It's fascinating because while there are ISO definitions for the four main printing colors—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black—there isn't one for gray. G7 fills this gap by defining what a neutral gray should look like, drawing from techniques used in photography. When printers calibrate to this neutral gray, it helps balance all the colors in the print, ensuring uniformity across any printing process.

Desireé Olivera: Sounds essential for consistency. How does G7+ build on that?

Maurice Walcott: Well, G7+ takes everything a notch higher. It addresses a few areas where G7 could be better, especially on materials that don’t hold ink as heavily, like newsprint. It boosts the contrast and detail, which makes a big difference. Plus, it brings in some smart techniques from offset printing to improve how shadows look in inkjet prints, which is a big deal for us.

Desireé Olivera: That’s exciting! Being one of the first to get this certification, what does that mean for you personally and for BluEdge?

Maurice Walcott: It’s definitely a proud moment for me. For BluEdge, it means we’re ahead of the curve. Our clients know they’re working with a leader in the field, someone they can trust for the best print quality out there. It’s all about giving them that assurance and peace of mind.

Desireé Olivera: How do you think G7+ will impact the printing industry moving forward?

Maurice Walcott: G7+ is set to be the new benchmark, I think. It’s about higher standards across the board, which is great for everyone—clients get better prints, and printers have clear standards to aim for. It’s going to push the whole industry towards better quality and reliability.

Desireé Olivera: Thanks for taking the time to share these insights, Maurice. It really sounds like G7+ is a game-changer!



Maurice’s recent achievement with the G7+ certification highlights how BluEdge is constantly pushing boundaries. We’re all about embracing the latest advancements to keep delivering outstanding solutions to our clients. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we continue to provide exceptional value in the dynamic worlds of Experiential Graphics and Environmental Graphic Design, reinforcing our position as industry leaders dedicated to quality and innovation.