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BE Empowered: Celebrating The Women of BluEdge

As we celebrate Women's History Month, BluEdge recognizes the importance of highlighting the invaluable contributions that our BE women have made to the workplace. Women leadership is nothing new at BluEdge – we've grown under the guidance and vision of several generations of intelligent women.  By the end of the 1970s, Madeline Bernstein succeeded her husband as president and chairperson of the board, becoming the first of female leader of BluEdge, which at that time was National Blue Print Co. Being a Certified WBE is one of our proudest accomplishments.

It is essential that we recognize and appreciate the role of women in our workplaces and continue to promote gender equality and inclusivity. By doing so, we can create a more equitable and prosperous future for all. BluEdge Marketing Team reached out to our female employees to learn more about how we can inspire each other as professionals. Take a look at their responses!  


3 generations of BE women

3 Generations of BE women (Lori Hason, Ellen Feuer, Madeline Bernstein, Nan Magid)

Anne Palm

In 1918, Anne Palm came along to her daughter’s interview at National Blue Print (the former name for BluEdge) since she wondered if it would be a suitable workplace for her daughter. National Blue Print turned into her second family, and Anne retired as Office Manager 45 years later.  

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Some Words from our CEO

“I don’t have a crystal ball but am confident that BluEdge will continue as a leader in the industry because those at the helm continue to encourage strategic thinking, innovation and action.”

Ellen Feuer, CEO & Chairperson of the Board 

Who Are Some of the Women Entrepreneurs / Leaders who Have Inspired You Throughout Your Career?


"When I first started at BluEdge, National Reprographics Inc at the time, I had the great fortune of sitting outside Mrs. Bernstein’s office. She was 89 at the time. She worked 2 days a week until she retired at 91. Not only one of the smartest women that I have ever met, she was incredibly kind and caring. With over 200 associates working in the facility, Mrs. B knew them and their families. Every time she came to work, she would walk around the two floors to speak with every one of them. She would remember her conversations with each associate, and she would discuss what was important to them. As a result, Mrs. B was well loved and respected."  

– Lori DeHart, Vice President, HR


3-2"Annie Oakley – A family provider and an enterprising entertainer, Amelia Earhart - a woman of no fear- she said “ The most effective way to do it, is to do it”, Dianne Von Furstenberg- she said: 'When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubts.'"

– Andrea Southworth, Help Desk Admin





What are Some of the Most Substantial Lessons you Have Discovered Throughout Your Career?

2-Mar-24-2023-08-33-40-0733-PM"Look at everyday as an opportunity to learn from your coworkers. Everyone brings something valuable to the team so be open to learning from everyone and success inevitable follows. From CSR’s to VP’s they all have something to teach you if you’re willing to learn."

Jasmine Oliver, Account Executive





5"Time management is the most important thing I have learned as a young professional. As a recent college graduate, I look up to those above me and work hard to complete all my tasks in a timely fashion."  

Delilah Johnson, Marketing Specialist 





How Do You Maintain Motivation and Focus on Your Goals, Even During Busy or Challenging Periods?

7-1"Breathe, Reassess, Refocus. When things get busy and challenging it’s important to reevaluate what is really important and what is the ultimate goal. It helps me to get motivated again when I focus on what I am actually working towards.  A glass or two of wine doesn’t hurt either."  

Desiree Olivera, Director, Marketing




1-4"To stay motivated during challenging times I try to focus on the end goal and breaking down the necessary steps to achieve it. Try to keep a positive mindset and outlook and embrace the challenge as an opportunity for growth and knowledge."  

Riley Shelmet, Account Executive




How Do You See BluEdge Evolving in the Future, and What are Your Long-Term Goals for BluEdge as a WBE?


 "As the digital era continues to evolve and demand increased technological proficiency, I envision that BluEdge will continue to expand its technological capabilities to maintain its competitive edge in the market and meet customer demands. We have already done so with the addition of the Media Team, partnerships with advanced 3D scanning technology like Matterport, ViewNeo digital signage, and the list will certainly continue to grow.
Additionally, as a WBE, BluEdge has demonstrated its commitment to promoting gender diversity in the workplace for decades and I can see them maintaining this uphill trend and provide even more opportunities and support to women in leadership positions."
 – Becky Mei, Marketing Coordinator 



About BluEdge

BluEdge is a national provider of comprehensive Business Technology Solutions and Experiential Marketing Services. We’ve been supporting our clients since our establishment in 1898. BluEdge has been family-owned and operated for over 125 years and is proud to be a certified Woman Business Enterprise.

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