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Know Your Media Services Vocabulary: Full Glossary

Have a retouching or video project but don't know where to start? First thing is to find a trusted media partner. The right partner will work with you to understand your needs, regardless of your experience with these types of projects. However, it always helpful to have the language to describe exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some common terms used in regards to multimedia services:

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Additional Post Effects 

Any effects applied after the render is composited i.e. lens flares, camera distortion

Ambient Occlusion   

A pass that pertains to contact shadows i.e. darkening at the seams where edges meet


The process of creating movement for the images.

Architectural Visualization

Processed based on architectural instruction and pre-determined building plans. This process combines CGI rendering with CAD plans/architecture plans. 

BE Lens

Programable digital signage for multiple environments


(Computer-Generated Imagery) this process uses computer graphics to create something that does not exist in the "real world"  


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Color Correction/Color Grading 

Adjusting hues & tones during post production period for images and between video clips

Contract Proofing 

Contract proofs are used as a color reference guide. Proof serves as the agreement between a customer and a printer.
All proofs are measured and verified with a spectrophotometer to ensure they are within the permitted specification tolerance. We strictly adhere to industry standards G7, GRACoL2013, SWOP2013, SNAP2009 and Fogra 39.

Crypto matte 

A pass that separates out elements into flat color for easy masking


Refers to adjusting the volume of elements during the render process


The base color/texture to which all lighting and shading is applied on top of


A pass that creates a falloff in relation to angle of incidence of the camera


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Global Illumination 

Indirect lighting/bounce light


Motion video and imagery mapped on to transparent structures

Match Move

Tracking a live action plate to generate a 3d camera with the same movement so CG assets can be married seamlessly

Matte ID

Isolates objects for compositing

Mechanical Production

Logical arrangement of components of an advertisement to strictly follow specification of a publication, magazine, outdoor or indoor billboard or screen space


A 2D pass to simulate 3D space in post production 


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(Out of home) refers to large format printing preparation a.k.a. billboard printing.


The cycle of asset creation through the use of different programs and steps to create a final image. A basic pipeline example is listed here:
  • Step 1- Modeling/Wireframe Creation 1a- Rigging for animation (situational and on a per project basis)
  • 1b – Animation (situational and on a per project basis)
  • Step 2-Creating/Applying Lighting, Surface details, Material Attributes, and Textures
  • Step 3: Rendering – Broken out into multiple passes for post production control


Using CGI to build new models digitally while utilizing specs/colors/textures that stay true to the brand

Real Time Asset

An asset that is displayed in a real time engine akin to a video game, does not reflect the properties of a final rendered image, but a very good approximation that can be viewed in 360


Reflection and shadows during the rendering process 

Rendering & Compositing 

Images are written out of the render engine and broken into multiple phases for post production control



Retouching & Compositing 

Altering and changing photographed subject in order to achieve the best possible outcome for final presentation; may include combining multiple shots, correcting color, skin tones and removing defects, scratches etc.


Rigging for Animation 

(Situational and on a per project basis) creating control over a digital model, so the image can be moved and repositioned 

Scene Change 

Choosing CGI when you'd like to manipulate an environment


The creation of a digital asset based on the application of simulated effects, i.e., gravity, wind, external forces, interactions, collisions, shattering. Can include and is not limited to liquids, chocolates, broking objects, clouds, etc.


Reflective elements during the rendering process 


BE Media Service Feature Images


(Visual Effects) the process where images that do not exist are created, using CGI, for a video; VFX can include the incorporation of live-action videography

Wide Frame

Refers to a complete model inside a 3D space


Digital sculpting tool, used for 2D & 3D modeling





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