The Fastest imagePROGRAF Printer. Ever.

Introducing the Canon imagePROGRAF TZ Series Large Format Printer

A 5-color, 36-inch aqueous inkjet Scan-To-Copy/File/Share production solution for high productivity and efficiency for the low-end LED and high-end inkjet production CAD, engineering, government and other markets.

The TZ-30000 achieves the fastest printing speed of any imagePROGRAF printer to date at up to 4-D size prints per minute. The MFP includes a production CAD printer, Z36 scanner and intuitive system controller making it a powerful addition to Canon’s portfolio of large format printers perfect for scanning maps, drawings and renderings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the print speed?
The imagePROGRAF TZ printers can print up to 4 D-sized prints per minute (up to 14 seconds/D print) on plain paper in Fast Q5 mode and up to 244 D sized prints per hour utilizing Canon’s dual processor.

How many rolls/drawers can the printer support?
Two (2). The printers ship standard with two (2) media drawers. Different media types and sizes can be loaded in each drawer with the ability to auto switch between each roll, depending on the media type and size of the job sent.

What ink do the printers use?
The imagePROGRAF TZ printers use the LUCIA TD pigment ink set. This is the same ink used in the imagePROGRAF TX/TM/TA printers; however, the TZ tanks are not compatible with the other printer models.

What is the warranty?
The printer comes with a limited 90-day warranty, and the print head has a one-year or usage limited warranty. 

Can the printers handle both 2” and 3” cores?
Yes. The printers ship with a 2” roll holder and 3” core adapters.

What scanner ships with the MFP model?
The imagePROGRAF TZ MFP ships with the new 36” Z36 scanner, developed by Global Scanning for Canon, as well as an updated system controller with a new intuitive interface. The Z36 is supported by Canon U.S.A.

What if I run out of ink while the printer is printing?
The imagePROGRAF TZ printers have the capability to Hot-Swap ink tanks for uninterrupted printing.

What are the scan speeds?

  • 24-bit Color @ up to 200 dpi: 3”/sec.
  • 24-bit Color @ up to 200 dpi scan to copy speed: 6”/sec.
  • 8-bit Grayscale and Monochrome @ up to 200 dpi: 13”/sec.

Can the imagePROGRAF TZ models print full bleed/borderless?
Yes, on virtually any media size and type.

What software is available for these printers?
TZ Printer Driver; Direct Print Plus; Canon Production Printing Driver Select and Publisher Select; AutoCAD Optimized Printer Driver; Printer Driver Extra Kit; Free Layout Plus; PosterArtist; PosterArtist Lite; iR ADVANCE Direct Enlargement Copy; Media Configuration Tool, Accounting Manager; Quick Utility Toolbox; Device Management Console.

Will the new SmartWorks software launching with the imagePROGRAF TZ be available for the imagePROGRAF TX/TM printers?
Yes. The new SmartWorks MFP v6 software is going to be backwards compatible with the imagePROGRAF TX/TM MFP models.